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Hypnotherapy allows access to the actual cause of the fear and phobia

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias

Many physical and psychological problems can be traced back to fear. Fear exists for a reason and can be a very useful survival mechanism. After all, it is fear that lets us know that we need to take care of ourselves and the people in our lives. Fears are, therefore, a guide to a certain carefulness and helps us to keep ourselves and our body alive. Phobias are a special form of fear: They are based on irrational feelings, and bear no relationship to the object, circumstances or situation, which triggers the fear. Phobias really serve no useful purpose.

A significant percentage of the population suffers from a fear or a phobia. The majority of people suffering from fears make big effort to avoid what they fear. Others tend to hide or cover up their fears to seem normal for the outside world. 

Patterns of fear can be so painful to recall that these people skillfully create masks, which make them bearable. They have unconsciously agreed to disguise the pain of their past. However, underneath the veneer the sufferer can be very anxious and lack in self-confidence and self-esteem. No matter how much they try to block out these negative emotions, they remained unresolved in the subconscious. Should the suffer embark upon a trip in these stressful life-moments, despite how different our fears are, they recognize that the cause of our negative experiences lay in one of three basic patterns.

  • Fear of separation
  • Fear of low self-esteem
  • Fear of submission and trust

Should the fear or phobia be left untreated, and should the affected person experience not enough support from friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and family, these fears and phobias can run the lives of the affected person and lead to reclusiveness, isolation, and even depressions. Phobias can negatively influence the life of a individual.

Where do phobias come from?

There are well over 500 recognized phobias. Most fears and phobias generally can be traced back to the initial sensitizing event (ISE) that creates an emotional sensitivity and one activating event (aka "secondary sensitizing event“ or SSE). The ISE creates a fundamental negative emotional sensitization. Without even knowing it, SSE brings the same negative emotions into a new situation or the situation where the phobia now has developed. These may be either two separate occurrences or one single event. This particular event may not necessarily cause a phobia but could be one in a series of similar events where the affected person has become increasingly, negatively sensitized.  

The initial sensitizing event did not not have to be very traumatic at the time. However, at this point in time, the affected person was clearly not in a position to emotionally cope with the situation, which would have contrastingly, at an later and more more mature stage in life, been not a problem. It does not matter if the danger was clearly present or implied. The emotional response and/or motor actions were locked away and repressed, and the emotional and possible motor responses were are absent and are connected to the initial event. The memory of this event would be deeply etched into the subconscious mind and the conscious appreciation of the incident would be low or non-existent. If the event was very disturbing, the painful memory would have been completely repressed, as a mechanism of self-protection, until the affected person is ready to deal with the event.

This SSE builds upon the severity of the original initial sensitizing event(s). If enough of these events are experienced, the fear, which initiated this process, develops into a phobia. The relationship between the initial sensitizing event(s) and the actual phobia might not appear logical, but there is an emotional connection. While the initial sensitizing event could be compared to the installation and plugging in of a machine, it remains dormant until someone turns it on. At this point, the activating event is like flipping the switch on the phobia.

How does a spiritual hypnosis help with your fears and phobias?

  • It enables access in finding the actual cause of the problem and resolving conditioned reactions.
  • Phobias are deeply seeded in our subconscious and unfurl their force at the level of consciousness. Usually, they are based on experiences from the past. Hypnotherapy enables an understanding of these old memories and a beginning to no longer perceive these memories as a threat.
  • Furthermore, the deep-seeded and long established habits -having a fear of panic within itself- can be solved. Only then, in combination with both of these approaches, the phobia can be conquered.

The number of hypnosis sessions required for effectively dealing with phobias depends on several factors. These factors include: how long the person has had the phobia, how the severity of the phobia and it affect on the person; the phobia's origins (present or past life),the person's maturity, personality structure, and the level of determination in freeings oneself from the phobia. Even though the affected person will experience considerable improvement after a a single session, several sessions are needed to ensure a permanent liberation from the phobia.

Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias

starting at €240

Duration of the First Session:
2 - 3 Hours

Amount of Hypnosis Sessions:
1 - 2

Duration of Following Sessions:
1 - 1.5 Hours

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