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Directed and conscious reliving of past event

Forensic Regression

Forensic Regression

Our subconscious mind stores everything that we have ever experienced in our current life. Our subconscious does not evaluate, assess, or analyze the circumstances; instead, it stores them as we have experienced them at the respective point in time - including the associated emotions. As the top layer of consciousness, our rational mind tries to associate, analyze, interpret, suppress (for protection). This causes an apparent change in the perception of some memories. As a result, we may sometimes become incapable of differentiating between imagined and real occurrences over time.

How does a forensic regression work?

Forensic regression involves of unveiling of historical occurrences. During a hypnosis, we return to the event and experience what we actually perceived at that moment – independent of possible adjustments by our mind. This systematic identification and reconstruction of past events allows us to go back into our own past and get answers to the questions that we ask ourselves today.

However, a forensic regression can also go beyond the boundaries of our current life, which are somewhere in the distant past. This occurs spontaneously during a hypnosis. Similar to a past life regression, the subconscious grapples with experiences from a past life in a trance, which has been captured in our soul. Past events may possibly have effects on our current life: experiences, connections, or agreements with our self or another person that still reach into our current life and must be cleared and resolved.

Which possibilities does a forensic regression offer?

Forensic regression therefore represents a general term for different forms and variations of purposeful and conscious reliving of past events:

  • Regressions to an earlier time of your current life in order to find the cause for a specific physical or psychological problem, to process it emotionally, and to resolve it after the fact as a result (also called age regression).
  • Regression to a past event in your life to recall historical facts. This is primarily about finding lost items or consciously re-experiencing a specific event, but not necessarily with the intention of emotionally processing the respective situation.
  • Regression to a previous life to relive a specific situation and get answers to personal questions. The focus is on the historical evaluation and clarification instead of the spiritual effect on your current life.

Forensic regression therefore enables a factual reconstruction and evaluation of past events, together with a processing of the emotions related to them. As a result, it is a regular and integral component of Body Wisdom and all of the other investigative forms of hypnotherapy.

Forensic Regression

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