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The successful way to learn hypnosis

General Information

General Information

Hypnosis is a widely recognized method for exploring the subconsciousness and identifying and vitalizing of our inner resources. Develop a deep relationship to yourself while learning the instruments to unlock the inexhaustible source of wisdom and new possibilities. Experience the transforming power of the subconscious and superconscious; Resolve inner conflicts and discover access to a new wellbeing.

Hypnosis therapy can be categorized along two main lines: suggestion therapy and methods of unveiling. Each hypnosis application falls into one of the two categories and is a combination of both of them. In order to help other people effectively and sustainably in accordance with their individual problems and needs, a simple, fast and superficial training program is not sufficient, as it can not give you comprehensive instruction in both categories. The Spiritual Hypnosis Academy’s training, on the other hand, covers both categories in a profound way and also gives you an insight into the important connection between body, mind and soul.

In addition to the teaching of important basic principles, techniques of hypnosis and other theory, hypnosis education places an emphasis on the practical and result-oriented applications of the material learned. With supervision, all participants will have the opportunity everyday during the course to undergo a hypnosis and to hypnotize themselves. Experiencing hypnosis, as a hypnotist, is essential for a versatile and well-trained hypnotist. In addition, there is ample time for discussions with concrete questions and problems.

Spiritual Hypnosis Academy’s training offerings currently comprise of six consecutive and always self-contained individual seminars with a total duration of over 400 hours (German only):

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Markus Lehnert

Markus Lehnert is a qualified and certified hypnotherapist (CHt), regressionist, and holistic life coach, trained in the USA and Germany according to American standards.




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What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparision to what lies inside of you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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