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Good reasons to participate in Spiritual Hypnosis’s seminars

Reasons for Participation in a Seminar

Reasons for Participation in a Seminar


Seminar Instructor

  • Qualification:
    Extensive and well-founded training according to American standards as a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) in the USA and Germany. Many years of private full-time practice with hundreds of clients from every continent.

  • Experience:
    Focus on my many years of practice work with direct client feedback instead of the usual seminar-business machinery. This is not just done through the spreading of theoretical concepts. This is done by primarily teaching the applications that I use on a regular basis and whose long-lasting success is proved in their daily use.



  • Uniqueness of the training:
    Especially the certification as a Spiritual Hypnosis Coach is unique in this depth and breadth. At the same time, it is open and is value neutral in comparison to world views that are influenced by religion, philosophy, esotericism, or politics.

  • Extent of the training:
    The certification as a Spiritual Hypnosis Coach requires more than 400 hours of training, practical work, and self-study (often other training courses are not even one-fourth of that time). The individual seminars are built upon each other, yet they are self-containing and are accessible to anyone. The seminar contents enable participants to immediately put what they have learned into practice and use it for themselves. Participants are coached even beyond the seminar.

  • Breadth of the seminar offers:
    Limitation to practice-relevant and, therefore, promising applications instead of a broad diversity of exotic offerings, which only serve to maximize the seminar instructor’s profits.

  • Practical application of what has been learned:
    In addition to teaching the necessary theory, the main emphasis of the seminars is placed on the practical and result-oriented application of the learned material. On every day of the course, each participant will have the opportunity to be hypnotized and to hypnotize under supervision. The personal experience of hypnosis is vital for a well-rounded multi-skilled and well-trained hypnotherapist. In addition, the number of the participants is limited to ensure extensive personal care from the seminar instructor.

  • Realistic case studies:
    In addition to the daily practical exercises during the seminar weekends, participation in the Spiritual Hypnosis Coach certification seminar requires the implementation of the learned material in at least 25 practical case studies during the seminar-free periods. Up to the conclusion of the Spiritual Hypnosis Coach certification seminar, the seminar participants therefore have practical experience in at least 40 realistic and self-guided hypnotherapy sessions (partially under the supervision of the seminar instructor). The goal is to subsequently discuss these case studies together in the seminar group or individually with the seminar instructor, which allows the further expansion of each participant's hypnotherapeutic abilities.


Personal advantages

  • New and exciting concepts:
    The possibility of seeing the bigger picture and examining the depths of personal consciousness and its potential.

  • Self-awareness:
    One is often capable of recognizing and reflecting about oneself at a deeper level being that every participant is involved with the material in its depth and breadth. This means the associated (psychological, philosophical, and spiritual) concepts, and these are practiced (on) every day during the seminar weekends.

  • Further spiritual development:
    Due to the holistic approach and especially the inclusion of the soul in the therapeutic work, participants come into contact with spiritual concepts that may be new for them. They should inwardly reflect on these under consideration of their own world view. Experience has shown that especially the work and personal experience with the soul brings a certain further spiritual development with it.


I would be very pleased to also welcome you as a participant of the seminars.

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Markus Lehnert

Markus Lehnert is a qualified and certified hypnotherapist (CHt), regressionist, and holistic life coach, trained in the USA and Germany according to American standards.




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