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Get to know yourself and your personal needs better. Learn inner harmony, balance and satisfaction



Unresolved inner conflicts have been hindering people over and over again in successfully reaching their own predefined goals and in being the person they are by nature. As different as the characteristics and the reasons may be, all these conflicts originate from our personality.

The personality of each person consists of a variety of different aspects, which can be referred to as personality parts. Our personality parts are all aspects of our subconscious mind, where every part assumes its own job and function within our personality. It is important to point to the fact that the existence of different personality parts is absolutely normal and natural and has nothing do to with multiple personality disorder. The latter is a mental illness that we will not delve into at this point.
The self-assessment session is about becoming better acquainted with the four main aspects of one’s own personality (physical part, intellectual part, emotional part, and spiritual part) and their respective condition and individual needs. Thus, the client will learn to understand oneself better. Inner conflicts will become evident and resolution will be worked on during the hypnotherapy session.
Most of the time, you will encounter the emotional part of your childish self in a dialogue and start to come to terms with piled up, buried emotions from your childhood. The most emotional and, at the same time, most impressive moment is the encounter with the spiritual self. The client oftentimes experiences unconditional love and receives a message or words of wisdom dedicated to oneself and one’s life.
Dealing with the most important four aspects of the own personality, resolving of inner conflicts among these aspects as well as the integration of all one’s aspects in the end into one composite, complete, and harmonious whole, lets the client experience a yet unknown but healing, therapeutic valuable inner harmony, balance, satisfaction, happiness, and calmness most of the time.


starting at €240

Duration of the First Session:
2 - 3 Hours

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Markus Lehnert

Markus Lehnert is a qualified and certified hypnotherapist (CHt), regressionist, and holistic life coach, trained in the USA and Germany according to American standards.




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What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparision to what lies inside of you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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