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Hypnosis therapy enables the looking back and shaping of the emotional causes of illnesses and pain so that self healing can begin

Sickness and Pain

Sickness and Pain

In Western medicine, sickness is a general term that can occur and exist independently of the patient. Meaning, the causes of symptoms are mostly sought and explained through external influences. This approach leads to an extensive depersonalization in the field of medicine in which a patient is often understood in terms of a victim of external circumstances. Individual responsibility usually plays a secondary role.

Sickness and pain cannot be separated from the affected person and are an unique experience. Each individual symptom can only be understood in its relation as a whole. Should someone feel unhealthy, the sickness’s signals allude to a inner imbalance, which appears in other aspects of life and behavior. This holistic treatment does not necessarily stand in opposition to Western influenced natural sciences. This point of view goes one step further by taking body, mind and soul into account.

The message of sicknesses

Bodily or mental discomforts are nothing other than the effect of a otherwise, non-compensatory, continuous disregard towards our own emotional needs in which the body attempts to draw attention by means of sickness. It is a messages from within that the physical body merely manifests and externally presents. If we do not examine and listen to the message, our bodies will simply get louder. The severity of the bodily and mental symptoms will increase. Cancer is often one of the last stages the body resorts to. This escalation serves to communicate the message even more clearly and to finally get the needed attention from the individual.

Therefore, we create a our own symptom which is sent to us as a message. The symptom will stay as long as we have understood it and learned its lesson. Merely understanding the message is not enough. A lasting elimination of the symptoms requires an active change in one’s life. The implication - we need to take responsibility for this part of our lives. This is not some sort of obligation; we have no other choice if we want a change in our life. Only we are responsible for our health.

What potential does hypnosis offer for sickness and pain?

  • Elaborating and working out the underlying emotional causes.
  • Dismantling of belief systems, which are not helpful.
  • Recognizing which medical support to what extent and what time frame is necessary for the process of self-healing.
  • Understanding of the necessary, individual change in one’s life.
  • Redefining of individual perception.
  • Strengthening of individual responsibility.
  • Understanding how body, mind and soul work together and determine each other.

Hypnosis for Sickness and Pain

starting at €240

Duration of the First Session:
2 - 3 Hours

Amount of Hypnosis Sessions:
1 - 2

Duration of Following Sessions:
1 - 1.5 Hours

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Markus Lehnert

Markus Lehnert is a qualified and certified hypnotherapist (CHt), regressionist, and holistic life coach, trained in the USA and Germany according to American standards.




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