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Over and underweight as a consequence of not expressed emotional needs

Weight Management

Weight Management

How often have you experienced dieting but regained even more weight than you had before? How often have you been craving the food that cannot objectively be considered healthy, although you wanted to eat healthier? Or irrespective of that, no matter what you do, you simply do not lose or even gain weight?

The size and shape of the physical body can serve as an amazing insight into the state of the body, mind and soul. Any areas of our bodies which are either underweight or overweight indicate an underlying emotional issue or pattern of behavior. Except for some rare cases of overweight with an exclusively pathologic background, most causes for overweight and the tendency to overeat are to be found in the psyche of the affected person.
It is our own thought patterns, which cause certain external effects or impacts. Our weight is just the natural expression of our inner thought patterns.

Whenever we are confronted with unwanted feelings and emotions, we unconsciously reduce body tissue or add insensitive body tissue to reduce the emotional feeling. Often, the reasons for over-eating or not eating are suppressed and are based on past incidents and events, which are stored in the subconscious. Unconsciously, excessive food or non-eating serves as a sort of compensation, relief or liberation from constraints, unpleasant experiences, fears, emptiness, grief, anger or other feelings, or satisfies an emotional need. We feel protected from the unwanted emotions and therefore pretend that these feelings are no longer existent.

If we only combat the impacts or symptoms, we waste energy and often exacerbate the problem. An attempt to eliminate the symptom without tackling the underlying cause is usually futile. Rather, it is crucial to formulate our own attitudes and throw old patterns of thought overboard. It is time to say goodbye to what has brought us into the situation and to begin to understand the real cause in resolving that inner need.

What potential does hypnosis offer for weight management?

A typical hypnotherapy session for weight management includes five elements, which are extremely important for long-term success (achieving of own desired weight and maintaining one's weight):

  • Resolving the cause of previous eating behavior.
  • Strengthening of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-motivation by having the client already experiencing oneself in trance how he/she will ideally look like after self-chosen reduction of weight.
  • Adjustment of significance of food and modification of the link to feeling allegedly satisfied and better after overeating.
  • Change of eating habits with special focus on balance, quantity, and preference.
  • Reprogramming of location, time, habits and circumstances of food intake.

Weight Management

starting at €240

Duration of the First Session:
2 - 3 Hours

Amount of Hypnosis Sessions:
1 - 3

Duration of Following Sessions:
1 - 1.5 Hours

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Markus Lehnert is a qualified and certified hypnotherapist (CHt), regressionist, and holistic life coach, trained in the USA and Germany according to American standards.




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